The objectives of this three-week module are to establish a learning community through:

  • Introductions: Build a collective picture of the purpose, skills, and passions of course participants and faculty.
  • Overview: Provide an overview of the course and how to access course resources and set expectations.
  • Teams: Establish teams and opportunities for teams to extend beyond the classroom.
  • Grounding: Ground each team in a conversation with an existing cooperative that is as close to their purpose as possible.
  • Theory: Build a shared theory of cooperatives as sources of democratic economic power.
  • Systems: Provide examples of networked systems of cooperatives and an understanding of how individual cooperatives operate as a system.
  • Logistics: Work out any necessary or useful logistics for the class.

Homework 1

[Due by 5 PM July 12]

INTERVIEW A CO-OP [required]

  • With your team, interview an existing worker cooperative that is as close to your team’s purpose as possible. (Note: Faculty will assist you in making connections with cooperatives)
  • Prepare a report-back that includes:
    • one or more “ah-ha’s” from that conversation; and,
    • three questions that came up for you about starting a worker co-op from that encounter.
  • Write up a brief summary of your report-back and email it to your team’s coach by 5 PM July 12. Be prepared as a team to present your ah-ha’s and questions on July 13. (Note: There is no class on July 6)